Steam Punk Wedding Cake


Steam Punk Wedding Cake Design

My goal in 2015 was to enter a cake at Cake International Birmingham. It was my first ever competition and decided to enter the wedding cake class. After seeing other steam punk themed cakes, my intention was to design something different and unique compared what had already been done. After hours of studying wedding dresses, accessories and art work I came up with my design.

My design was to include a lace up basque with realistic laces through eyelets. The base tier was to be a flowing skirt with an overlaid front mesh. To give the cake more dimension the large metallic cogs were added. The final tier was finished with a row of ivory roses and a steam punk themed top hat. After weeks of hard work the competition weekend had arrived. Dropping the cake at the venue and preparing it for judging was terrifying.

Much to my surprise and amazement my steam punk wedding cake had won a gold award.

gold cake international